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9/15 Montgomery Schedule - Final


Attire - Gray Marching Uniform, Gray Compression Shirt, Compression Shorts, Gray Socks, Gray Shoes

Students will receive their grey socks on Friday.

Supplies - Instrument, Filled Water Jug, Lyre, Flip Folder (with music)

Hair - Show Hair

Optional Items-Pillow and blanket, Chromebook, school work

“A Lunch” - Front Ensemble and Loading Crew go to “A Lunch,” then load the trucks/trailers.

Noon - Band students typically scheduled for “C Lunch” go to “B Lunch.”

12:25 pm - All Band students released to change.

1:00 pm - Inspection lines - In half-uniform (Gray Shoes, Gray Socks, Gray Compression Shirt, Gray Bib) 

1:10 pm - Load bus

1:30 pm - Leave AHS for Belton

4:45 pm - Arrive at UMHB Crusader Stadium

5:00 pm - Eat on site

6:00 pm - Load into stands

7:00 pm – Kick Off

10:00 pm – Approximate conclusion of the game

10:45 pm – Leave Stadium

1:30 AM – Approximate arrival at AHS

Immediate Dismissal

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